Monsters & Maidens – Chuckin’ Dice and Readin’ Rules


Monsters & Maidens seems like a great light game to play with the family, but the rules weren’t very intuitive. We played with the expansion dice which seemed to have conflicting rules on the opposite sides of the cards. For example, one side said to re-roll a die with every re-roll while the other said of the same card said to re-roll if blank. Also the same die gets re-rolled if it lands on certain faces while other faces don’t get re-rolled. It was also unclear if the dice that do not get re-rolled apply their effect on subsequent rolls. This then led to the question of what exactly is a “captured” maiden and what exactly is a “rescued” maiden? Are these maidens who were captured or rescued in the current roll, previous rolls or both. This has a dramatic impact on certain dice effects like the Dragon or King.

The game will be fun as a light filler as long as someone has a definitive stance on the ambiguous rules. Or you could simply strip it down to its base elements and still have a competent dice chucker. At worst, it offers a different theme to its competition: Zombie Dice and Martian Dice.


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