Viticulture – First Solo Game Using the New Rules


The solitaire rules for Viticulture were recently rebalanced for playing the base game with no Tuscany expansions — additional information, including a link to download the updated PDF, can be found in the Viticulture forum on BGG. My first game with the new rules was quite successful — I scored exactly 25 points. Following the new rules, I selected a starting building, the Tasting Room, a Sangiovese vine card, a grande worker, two regular workers, and a bonus token. My plan was to give a tour each year, taking advantage of the Tasting Room, plant early and harvest often. I got a few visitor cards that didn’t quite fit with my strategy or came way too late in the game to be useful, but I finally managed to get the right (three) wine order cards to reach 25 points using every single harvested grape and wine to get there.

A fantastic game with fantastic solitaire rules offering configurable difficulty, a defined win condition and a chance to track your performance over multiple plays. This has quickly become one of my favorite games and I’ve only scratched the surface of what it has to offer.


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