Lagoon: Land of Druids – Unravelling the Solo Game


Is it just me, or do you feel like you’re cheating the entire time you’re learning a new game? That’s where I am with Lagoon: Land of Druids. One action in particular that makes me uncomfortable is the fact that you can invoke a site action by exhausting any of your druid tokens as long as one of your druid tokens, exhausted or not, is on the site you’re invoking. It feels especially cheaty when the site action requires your Eldrid and you only have an acolyte token on the site. Well, I managed to make it through a couple solo games of Lagoon, losing the first game 12-6 because the Adept difficulty level is no joke for a new player, or maybe more generally it’s no joke for a terrible gamer. I swallowed my pride, set up another game and followed the Acolyte difficulty level where AJ, the non-human opponent, will pump the brakes if he’s able to unravel after his Explore step. AJ was still no slouch, but I managed to win with a coincidental score of 12-6. With this win came the uneasy feeling that somehow I had cheated, but I was satisfied and compelled to continue playing more games.


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